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Please complete this form if you wish to serve as a mentor to a lobbyist new to the profession.
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Below are some of the common goals of our mentees. Please help us match you with an appropriate mentee by rating your interest in assisting the mentee with the following activities
(using a scale of 1=Strong Interest to 3=Not a Strong Interest)
  Assisting with developing contacts in the Statehouse community
  Providing advice on business development
  Providing advice on firm/employment management
  Providing advice on how to become active in the OLA
  Providing advice on client relationships
  Providing advice on work-life balance
  Assisting with assessing career path and options
  Providing feedback to your mentee
Please provide any additional information which would help us match you with an appropriate mentee (examples: (preference to be matched with someone of the same gender/ethnicity/lobbying area/geographic location)
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