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OLA Response to Bribery Case

In light of the recent events regarding alleged illegal activity by lobbyists and a legislator, the OLA Board has issued the following statement. None of the lobbyists arrested in the case are OLA members.
"The Ohio Lobbying Association takes matters and allegations of corruption very seriously. Our Model Standards of Conduct prioritizes honesty and integrity, and members agree to abide by these standards when applying for OLA membership. To help preserve and advance public trust and confidence in our democratic institutions and the public policy advocacy process, professional lobbyists have a strong obligation to always act in the highest ethical and moral manner in their dealings with all parties. Lobbyists and the clients we represent play an integral role in crafting sound public policy. Our association proudly represents our profession. We condemn all illegal activities and revoke individuals from membership if laws are broken. We offer annual education to our members regarding ethics and legal obligations of this profession, and will continue to do so."

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